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It is Time to Refinish your Kitchen Cabinets

When your (cabinets) are looking dreary with drab finishes or peeling paints, or you just simply hate the finish of a new cabinet, then it is high time to update the look with Finishes Unlimited. This family run company has been in the business of custom painting and fine finishes for more than a decade. The combined knowledge and experience in matters of this industry between the owner and his father span for over 40 years. This just indicates that this company is thoroughly educated and highly trained in matters concerning paints and finishes.

Finishes Unlimited has a new location over the Campbell area in Los Altos, Ca. Their showroom at Los Altos exhibits a vast display of their work products where you can check out some samples that will suit your taste for your finish needs. The samples exhibited are evidences that only the highest quality finishes and paints are offered by their excellent company. This company is also proud of their state of the art finishing facility where they can properly administer fine finishes or custom paints for your cabinetry.

Finishes Unlimited offers extensive custom paints and finishes for your (custom kitchen remodelling). They have a computerized system where they can mix and match stains or customize a new finish according to your style preference. Some of the basic finishes that they offer are natural, stained, glazed, distressed and many others. Their team of highly trained technicians will properly apply the finish in a controlled environment, where dust or dirt cannot stick during the finishing process. Prior to the finishing procedure, the wood is meticulously sanded down so that the finish will properly adhere to the wood.

The first impression when one goes into the (kitchen cabinet) is the finish or paint of the walls and its cabinets. This is because the look and feel of a room can be influenced by its colors. Even if you have affordably made cabinets, it can always look luxurious and expensive just by changing the paint colour or finish. Finishes Unlimited can re-finish your kitchen cabinets and make it look brand new. Quality finishing system is an investment but replacing entire cabinetry for a new set is much more expensive. If you attempt to paint your own cabinets or have an amateur do it for you, you might damage your cabinets unnecessarily and the price to correct your mistakes can be costly. A quality finishing system is a good investment because it will last for a long time. It does not only change the look of your cabinets but it can also protect your cabinets from normal wear and tear which can prolong its life span. Your kitchen cabinets that have been properly re-finished will retain its polish and lustre even after many years.

Every area of your home must reflect your character and the lifestyle you lead. Your kitchen cabinets should be able to show your personality from the look and feel it exudes. This is easily done with the proper design and the appropriate finish to your kitchen cabinets. After Finishes Unlimited provides quality re-finishing, your kitchen cabinetry and the rest of your kitchen will become a reflection of who you are.

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